Welcome to the Perfect Trails

Welcome to the blog Perfect Trails!

This is a personal challenge that consists in running several great and sacred mountains of China through 8 marathons trails in 31 days (sportive hikes in mountains, in nature, at least 42km each). This is a fantastic opportunity to meet people and get a feel of the Chinese culture. No stop-watch, pure feelings.

This blog tells the story of my physical training, the runs in mountains, the material tests for the challenge. It is continued with the story of the challenge, the runs, the great encounters along the way, a sample of today China, the travelling and logistics experience.

Running Perfect Trails

You can also connect to my Facebook personal page https://www.facebook.com/pierre.crahes

Chinese citizens can follow the project and view pictures on my Weibo thread Wanlifeiyue.

If you want to report on this project, to run or travel across China on the favourable trails, to help on translations or anything else, I will have the pleasure to read your message at pierre ( at ) perfecttrails.com

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2 comments on “Welcome to the Perfect Trails
  1. Fab says:

    What a project ! Congratulations and good luck !
    Run, Forrest! Run! :-)

  2. Adwoa says:

    Such a cool project! I wish you all the best with logistics and the marathon.

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