Taishan and Songshan Postcards

Postcards 13 to 16

A great experience running Taishan twice in the day. Do I deserve the 100 years longevity promise ? On day 13.

Rest day, breakfast in the street, day 14.

From Taishan to Song Shan, a 7-hour journey, day 15.

Running in Songshan, more difficult than I expected, day 16.

French readers may already access the reports of days 1 to 12 live from China.

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2 comments on “Taishan and Songshan Postcards
  1. Lee Leroux says:

    Hi Pierre
    Wow ,just discovered your blog , sitting here in Austin Texas showing Marc your amazing journey thus far . Seriously impressed ,boy will you have some stories to tell. Marc is flying to Shanghai tomorrow morning and will be there till November 1st ,it would be cool to see you again
    good luck with the journey
    Lee Leroux ( old friends from Antibes :) )

  2. May says:

    Running Taishan twice in the day?! No wonder you look like a super man in Mountain Emei. My pals and I are totally shocked! What we did there was called CLIMBING(with great effort),but you did there was definitely RUNNING(as easy as a piece of cake)!!!!
    Looking forward to your update and best wishes!

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