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Vertical Race

Kilometre Vertical de St-Martin Vesubie Vertical Race championnats de France

Today is the Vertical Race, Kilomètre vertical of St-Martin Vésubie.


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Kilomètre Vertical – Vertical Race Reco

The Vertical Kilometer (kilomètre vertical) of St-Martin-Vésubie

St-Martin Vesubie start of the Race

Most vertical races are run on an elevation gain of about +1000m with a distance shorter than 5km. There are little to no section going down and an average slope of 25%, with some sections over 40%.


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Chemin du Paradis, Trace and Time References

Chemin du Paradis on IGN map

I often mention time margins and improvements when referring to the Chemin du Paradis, which is my reference track. Here are some time references for completion of the trail on the way up and on the way down.


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New and coming…

RSS Perfect Trails

The blog has already a RSS thread you can subscribe to
I should soon place a nice button to do the job for you ;-)

Coming soon

One post on the Mico socks, 3 models I have tried in various configurations.
One post about one week training for trail running.
One post on the Kilomètre Vertical de St-Martin Vésubie (Vertical Race).
The Weibo account being set-up.

Thank You

I also would like to thank all the visitors from the French Riviera and Europe, including mountain lovers from Paris ;-) as well as active visitors from the Alps, UK, US, Australia and China.
Cheers all!

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Reference Track: The path to Paradise

Chemin du Paradis

Reference track. The perfect place to test the equipment and the runner :)

My reference track for vertical racing is the Chemin du paradis  (the Path to Paradise). This trail is located between Pont du Loup and Gourdon (on the French Riviera). It is less than 2.8km long and a straight climb (not a single meter going down) of +520m.

Chemin du Paradis, from Pont du Loup to Gourdon

Can you see the track going from the bottom-right corner up to the village ?


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