Off to Nature

Trail running : Allowed !

That is it, after 6 weeks of training on urban ground, I finished my pure running techniques classes and I am allowed trail running! That is what my training guidelines say.

I have to admit I am quite excited to get back to nature and I’m also worried to see what is going to happen on bumps and humps. Will I be able to maintain the rhythms I have been working on during the last 6 weeks ?

Running and eating

Well, it is early in the morning, I load my stomach with cereals and plenty of nuts. I want to make sure I’ll have plenty of energy for the day, and at the same time I want to start getting used running on oils and digesting. The idea being : if you run one to 10 hours and then get back home, you can rely on fast sugar all day long. Now if you run 4 to 16 hours, several days in a row, you will have to take salt, oil, proteins, you will have to start your day with your breakfast just swallowed… i.e. I’d better be able to run while digesting ! (I’ll get back with more details on food and nutrition in a coming post.)

Great tracks to start in nature

The closest natural track is about 5km away, but it is only 2km long and totally flat. (In  fact it is going for many more miles but far too steep for this session). I decide to go about 12km away from my home place, in wood where I use to bring mountain bike beginners. It is full of trails, with a perfect combination of loops that can range from 10km to 30km with an easy, nicely balanced +/-140m every 10km.

For this session, I am wearing my urban shoes. My trail shoes custom insoles are not yet ready. The trails are not too technical and mostly on soft ground. For the socks, I’m going for a new test of the Mico Ultra-trail (see related post). Those trails are too flat for using poles. Half a litter of water in my back-pack, I am ready to go.

The temperature is pleasant, the sun is shining, the birds are singing!


Is it going to work ?

The first few meters are surprising. Going up the hill, few stones and roots, the feet are not stable. My watch is beeping many times telling me to speed up! At that time, I really think I am going to hate this watch for the next 90 minutes ;-) Hopefully it does not take long until I recover my all-surface skills and increase the rhythm to the appropriate speed.

I just love that :-)

I am so pleased, breathing fresh air in nature, changing direction, changing “gears” according to the trails. At some moments I am almost laughing of joy as I am embracing the nature. This is definitely giving me motivation and energy to keep the targeted speed and the watch remains quiet for the all session – nice watch :-).

It is going smoothly

When encountering flat sections, I remember applying to the best I can the running techniques I have been working on in the past weeks. In fact it is almost natural by now and the mix with the slightly more technical sections is very smooth.

The breakfast is relatively quiet. Not asking for too much liberty ;-) and not cutting my legs either.

Well, one short loop after the other, I get my session completed with a big smile on my face. Back to the car, about 10mn of stretching and that is me moving right now to my weekly swimming session.

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