Mico Oxy-Jet Socks

Testing 4 models of Mico Socks and Mico Oxy-Socks

Mico Socks Oxy-Jet

Mico socks technicality

In the last years, we have seen a huge increase in socks technologies to adapt them to the different practices. They get closer to the foot, give better grip, are lighter, generate less friction…

As they play a strong role in foot stability and comfort they become a key factor for very long runs. I had to put my toes on those and therefore tried 4 models from Mico.

I have tried to models with Mico Oxy-ject capabilities and to models light and low shape.

Talking about technicality, believe it or not some models have as much as 7 different types of sewing on a single sock!

To be honest, I have tried the 4 models in various configuration, trail, road, not putting to much importance on what’s written on the package.

That is obvious, I could feel a huge difference with casual sport socks and between the different models of course.

Mico Socks

Mico Socks ultra-trail: super comfy

The Ultra-Trail model from Mico is super comfortable! I never had socks so soft and comfy while very close to your feet. They are surely nice on super long trails. I have mostly used them on road. Yes, because if you can take the trails, you can be the most comfortable socks on hard flat road that you hit always with the same move for thousands of times. The fabric of those socks handles perfectly both breathability when running in hot condition and are pretty warm running in the snow.

Mico Socks Ultra Trail

Mico Oxy-Jet ultra-light

Super light, very close to your feet, they are great for road running if your shoes are fitting perfectly – as the socks are thin. Although the socks are thin, you can feel the Oxy-jet effect. I have been wearing them for many hours as resting and recovering socks.

 Mico Socks Oxy-Jet

Mico Oxy-Jet Run “black”: all terrain

There are my favourite of all with a strong Oxy-Jet effect, close to the feet while not squeezing them and offering grip and stability within the shoes. There are less soft than the ultra-raid but very comfortable and their thickness offers a good layer that prevent most irritation from rubbing. I could wear them all the time. Actually I use them for training on road, for vertical trail training or racing and other trails.

Mico Socks Oxy-Jet

Mico Run Light Weigh: versatile

When light weigh still means no compromise on comfort and stability! Definitely my favourite for trail running (if not using Oxy-Jet). So the socks are indeed light, are close to the feet, protect you from friction and give an great grip in the shoes. The fabric is strong and still provide freshness and breathability.

I would not give away my Mico utra-trail even if using them mostly on road. For long trail running I believe I will mostly alternate between Mico Run Light and Mico Oxy-Jet black.


Mico Socks Ultra Trail


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