Mercantour National Park

What is the picture used in the banner?

The picture in the banner has been taken in the Mercantour National Park. More precisely, it has been taken from the Balcon du Gelas, the Gelas being outside of the picture on the right-hand side.

The Gelas (3143m) is the summit of the Mercantour National Park that counts 6 summits above 3000m. Some people complete the Gelas only with trail running equipment although the last section requires some climbing. I can only strongly recommend to use proper equipment and to go with experienced mountaineers or to complete the trip at the Balcon.

Climbing Gelas Mercantour National Park

Climbing Gelas 3143m – Mercantour National Park

Mercantour National Park

The Mercantour National Park offers a huge number of trails for (fast) hiking and trail running with many amazing view points. Several of the trails are documented on the official RandOxygène web site.

Last year a trail station opened in St-Martin Vésubie, offering all type of trails dedicated to trail running training.

The pictures below have been taken in the Mercantour while sport hiking (sometimes with some climbing involved).

Mercantour National Park Facing Italy

View from the Pas de Corborant, just before the summit of the Corborant (3007m) facing Italy.

Mercantour National Park

A daisy style flower at high altitude, on the way to Mont Tenibre (3031m).

Mercantour National Park

A capra ircus (bouquetin) on the way to the Mont Clapier (3045m).

Mercantour National Park

Lac Rabuons, facing the refuge of Rabuons, a perfect stop to complete both Mont Tenibre and Mont Corborant circuits.

Mercantour National Park

Lac Rabuons, at the very end of the summer season. The lac can be covered with ice in July.

Mercantour National Park

Going down from Rabuons to St-Etienne de Tinée.

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