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What is it like training for trail running? One week training: well, it started, like any usual week in Europe, on Monday :)

training trail running

+/-1032m  on Wet Rocks

The weather was not that good, not to say a shower decided to rinse the track when I did my first steps on it. Yes, I was on my Paradise trail, measuring the pace, applying the techniques the best I could.

As you know by now, this track is mostly rocky, meaning slippery when getting wet.

I was wearing the Keen A86TR that we know have a great grip on dry rocks. This time was on the wet and although there are slippery like any others, they could perfectly handle the wet rocks on the way up. They let me rich my best time (3 seconds close). To me that is a sign of good control from the shoes. The same applies to the Exel poles while set with the rubber tips!

Can we say that the boost in red blood cells helped in recovering quickly the best shape? Last time I got that close to my best time was one year ago and I never approached it again. What about running training earlier this year?

On the way down, it was “holidays on ice”. I set the pole with the picks tips and that was enough to let me go down almost full speed (3mn close to my best without taking any risks). Note that on the way down, the more technical and steep it gets the less weight I put on my feet and I put maximum weight on the poles. So you understand I totally trust the polls.

Now I was ready for a second run, this time with one of my friends that was trying some poles techniques. The rhythm was much more cool (~40mn on the way up, ~30mn on the way down), yet that was another +/-516m.

Does Swimming has anything to do with training for trail running ?

swimming is training for trail runningUsually, every week I go swimming once or twice to total 2km or 3km. That is an excellent complementary training that is much less traumatic for the body, spine and knees while still contributing to the endurance training.

I did not have the chance to go swimming during my altitude training and I cumulated several weeks without touching water. So this Tuesday, I went for a 2km swim but I did not check the stop-watch this time…

The feeling when going out was present: straight back posture, relaxed legs – I use a pull-buoy – and good breathing exercise.

Don’t forget the running basics

Legs relaxed, I went for gentle road running in the evening. A 40mn run on the flat with regular high steps (~40cm avg) taken up and down. What’s most impressive here is that on the last month my training was not including road running, so I can easily notice any changes. Basically the guideline I have worked on for 2.5 months are really into me and the moves are getting very natural (of course, there is still some room for improvement ;) ).

It is getting busy

The Chemin du Paradis again. We can see that we are close to Vertical Race as this path relatively quiet is busier than ever! The atmosphere is cool although we don’t always have time to chat. Sometime a salutation is reduced to a weird smile :-/ as the heart-rate is high and the trailer focused on his training. ;)

So this is now Friday. I went once at slow pace with a trailer friend of mine followed by one time relatively fast, only 30s from my best.

Call it GPP

On Saturday I was supposed to rest. Instead I have done some “GPP” (General Physical Preparation) commonly known as pickaxing and chainsawing ;)

Two for One

Training for trail running. Kilometre Vertical

On Sunday, some friends suggest we go for a nice hike in the Mercantour. As the start of the hike was only few miles away from the start of the official Kilometre Vertical used for the Vertical Race, I woke up one hour earlier and did a recognition tour on the Vertical Race track before joining my friends for the hike.

Training trail running in Mercantour

That’s 7 days! :) Loads of fun in the mountains with my friends or alone, loads of good experiences with the equipment and results that are promising.

Next week, I keep the quantity but I reduce the intensity.

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