Last week training On-Road

Running on Road

Well, actually, I’ll be running on road many times again. This week is the last week where my training plan says I should run exclusively on-road.

Here is the progress from no running.

Running on-road along the sea.

So, only few weeks ago, I was simply not running. I could not run.

Now my training plan says, I have successfully finished the sessions exclusively on-road and will start mixed surface training. Something must have changed !

Well the really first thing I have done while entering this running challenge, is to figure out how to run correctly. Yeah, I’m this type of guy who reads the instruction manual when starting using a new product. Crazy ! Well, when the new product is you ( ! ) and you don’t want to break it, it makes sense, doesn’t it ?

So I have been from web sites, to videos, sorted the logical and a valid ones from the total rubbish. Yes, there is also plenty of guys telling you how to, without precise understanding nor target, in the end getting it wrong. Anyway I have summarised all that and tried my best to apply it.

Applying 11 or more advices altogether is not the easiest task, but when your knees speak clearly, you know when you get it.

The initial slow pace sessions were ideal to focus on the technique. First the landing flat of the foot, then avoiding jumping and crashing on every step…

Step by step, session after session, I improved my style a lot (note that there is still room for perfection :-) ) and I’m now able to run for over 25km on hard surface, over 30km with mixed pace and slopes.  So lets say I can now run :-) Nevertheless, I am thinking of replacing some of the long sessions by  days mountain biking (including bike carriage on shoulders) or mixed cycling-running sessions.

Running off-road along the sea.

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