Kilomètre Vertical – Vertical Race Reco

The Vertical Kilometer (kilomètre vertical) of St-Martin-Vésubie

St-Martin Vesubie start of the Race

Most vertical races are run on an elevation gain of about +1000m with a distance shorter than 5km. There are little to no section going down and an average slope of 25%, with some sections over 40%.


The Vertical Kilometer of St-Martin-Vésubie is +1000m high but the Vertical Race is +1150m over 4.4km up to the Cime de la Palu. On its official opening, in 2012, the race was won in less than 45mn.

For comparison the vertical race of Fully in Switzerland is +1000m over only 1.9km, with some slopes over 60%.

Kilomètre Vertical St-Martin Vesubie

Note that the trace is more precise than the map. You can see that the official trace (link below) is similar to mine (above).

2 weeks before the race

This Sunday, to complete my training week and since I was going for a hike near St-Martin-Vésubie, I decided to wake-up one hour earlier and to take benefit of the fresh and splendid weather to do a recognition tour of the Vertical Race.

That is probably the only race I am taking this year, before the challenge. The race is fun, with a rally start, good atmosphere on the start line and at the arrival. And a magic experience; you are high so fast!

What it looks like

Below are photos of some of the most specific sections of the race – the quality is very poor, sorry about that, the light was low in the wood in the morning and I was almost trying running ;-). Yet I hope it will be good enough for your training doing your visualization work.

The good point is that the blurry effect may look like what you will see during the race ;-)

 Note that it is usually more steep than it seams on the pics, especially on the first pictures.

IMG_2566 IMG_2567 IMG_2568
IMG_2569 IMG_2570 IMG_2571
IMG_2629 IMG_2572 IMG_2573
IMG_2574 IMG_2575 IMG_2576
IMG_2577 IMG_2579 IMG_2580
IMG_2581 IMG_2582 IMG_2583
IMG_2584 IMG_2585

Out of the woods, you have definitely completed the biggest part. Take a second to admire the view :-) Just a sec, come on ;-)

Out of the woods, KmV St-Martin Vesubie

IMG_2624 IMG_2588 IMG_2589 IMG_2590

At the top!

At the top - Kilomètre vertical St-Martin Vesubie

So, how was it ?

Although I was taking pictures every so often, I tried to grasp the feeling of the trail, to measure the rhythm and pace of the different sections. It looks like my short training early spring has been efficient and if everything goes fine I should improve my score by a little for the race.

At the top, cooling down, view on the Gelas (Mercantour).

Official Race Links

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