Keen A86TR

I got my hands on the Keen A86TR. Beside the really original look those trail shoes have some to tell. They are both light, provide good grip, relatively comfortable and solid!

I have tested those shoes on snow, grass, rocks and gravel. And I’m pleased. Mud is still to come :)


Weight 242g

That’s very reasonable! Anyway, below 270g you fly. That is nothing to compare with regular trainer. And I would not lose any gram that would compromise grip or solidity (targeting long trails and loads of rocks).


Ground Grip

The studs are soft enough for rocks, hard enough for ground, grass and hard enough to last. The size of the studs is perfect for mixed ground and their shape is not sensitive to mud jamming. The orientation of the studs is pro climb and provides a good anchor on the way down.  Again I tried them on grass, ground an rocks in fairly steep slopes; they always stood where I put them :-)


High breathability guaranteed. Run in the snow, they’ll dry super fast. The fabric on the top is very soft while providing a good structure and stability within the shoe in all direction. Once I found the appropriate socks to feet with, I could not detect any pressure or rubbing point in the shoe. Regarding the insole, I use a custom one which fits well with the dynamic of the shoes and provides a good comfort zone on the middle and the front of the foot (I try my best to never land on the heel).



OK, I need a bit more time to comment on that. Yet let’s see what we have. The strings are large enough that you can fill confident they will last. The rear of the shoe is made of flat and solid fabric that should prevent easy tear. The sole comes very high on the front.

Anything wrong ?

Nothing really wrong. If you are really picky, you may find that the insole is slightly soft and therefore slippery. But like most of you, I use custom insole so I can’t really tell if that was mostly due to my socks testing or to the original insole.


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