Day 6: Bei Heng Shan Trail

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ticket006China proceeds to its touristic conversion. Every sacred mountain is being transformed into a touristic park.

Heng Shang Trail runningAt the hanging monastery. In the early morning the temperature is chilly ; the sun just entered the valley.

Preamble: visit of the Hanging Monastery

Everybody ready at 7.30am for immediate departure to the hanging monastery. We are right in the Chinese national holidays, departure time is critical. The hanging monastery is interesting, but the visit seems like a long waiting queue :-/

Heng Shang Trail runningTypical tourist attraction yet quite surprising construction.

We did well arriving early. In two hours time the queue in front of the ticket office is expanding from one hour to three hours..! (Add that to the traffic jam on the way.)

Heng Shang Trail running
Monument visit or endless queuing? That is tourism during the national holidays.

Start of the third trail

Visit to the hanging monastery completed. This is the start of the sportive (and cultural) part of the day on the sacred mountain Heng Shan. We start with a 300m warm-up followed by a 3km run on road and trail to reach the mountain’s foot. We then hike fast up to the car park and ticket office (another one) of the mountain’s site.

Heng Shang Trail runningSmall run on trail at the foot of the sacred mountain Bei Heng Shan.

From temples to temples

This is where I leave my mates and I start going up and down much faster on the steep slopes of the mountain which may I add are all stairs. I  cross my mates when I get back to the main path from remote temples or view points.

Heng Shang Trail runningFrom temples to temples.

Progression is not always easy with the crowds of pilgrims and tourists, but once into the run I can make my way through, sometimes running on the narrow ramps on the stairs sides.

Heng Shang Trail runningHappiness and prosperity at the end of each steep slope you climb :)

The steep slope makes the heart rate raise quickly ; short pause shooting pictures and viewing temples are welcomed. Of course compared to all the visitors I am going up very fast, and comments are many. Especially in the main staircase that leads to the summit. That one is very steep, some visitors end up on all fours while I eat up the hundred steps, two by two straight  to the top.

Heng Shang Trail runningRunning on a highly visited pilgrimage site is also the opportunity for nice encounters and receiving a lot of support.

Heng Shang Trail runningThe entire group at the summit of Bei Heng Shan 2019m.

Some do even climb with high-heels. I am the one that looks-like an alien with my sport equipments.

Reaching the summit, I go halfway back down the last section to meet with my friends. On the way to the next summit, a Chinese man is offering me a branch that all lust after, with small orange fruits about the size of pepper’s that taste of medlar tree fruits, sweet-acidulous.

Heng Shang Trail runningOn the second summit, my prize in the hand.

On the way back down I go for an alternative path that leads straight to a small temple. Once at the bottom of this staircase I decide to go back up almost to the summit to go down again this time taken the temples path.

Heng Shang Trail runningWhile passing by one of the many temples.

On the way down I again take the narrow ramps on the stairs sides. With good balance and not being scared of sliding or falling it lets you run down faster than the stairs. It’s the only place not packed with visitors. I progress quite fast, the path break opens in front of me. Kids are happy when I jump the last bunch of four steps pushing on my poles. I am at the bottom in no time.

Heng Shang Trail runningAn offering vendor on the highest car park of the site.

Last down-hill

Arrived at the entrance of the temples area (actually below, even below the car-parks), I go back-up again find my friends to complete the run together, sometime’s taking short cuts on trails between road switchbacks weaving down to the large new traditional building works, the future park entrance.

Heng Shang Trail runningA group of new temples built the traditional way, to host the coming cable car station.

Back to the city

Taxi filled and back to Datong, which is a two hour journey on firstly winding roads that cross the mountains, then on the brand new deserted roads.

After a  good shower, we leave for the same restaurant as yesterday. Ten people together, we have even spicier dishes.

And to finish of the day, before writing this post, I got a Chinese foot massage (30mn, 3.10€ – Very strong). Feeling good in the feet, ankles and calves :-)

Heng Shang Trail runningAnother sweet night filled with great pictures.

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  1. Mary Rojas Romero says:

    Hi Pierre:
    How are you? I wish all things are well with you.
    I enjoy reading everythings you write, and the pictures show amazing places.

    A bear hug.


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