Chemin du Paradis, Trace and Time References

Chemin du Paradis on IGN map

I often mention time margins and improvements when referring to the Chemin du Paradis, which is my reference track. Here are some time references for completion of the trail on the way up and on the way down.

Note that I take the trace with the shortest and the steepest options. (For locals: it starts from the signpost close to the foot of the  standing bridge  – former rail bridge near Pont du Loup – and stops at the fountain after climbing the last stairs.)

The  Chemin du Paradis is 2,76km long for an elevation gain of +516m.

On the way up

  • Very Fast Trailer: 20mn
  • Fast Trailer: 25mn
  • Trailer: 30mn
  • Fast hiker: 40mn
  • Hiker: 60mn

(The information sign located about one third from the start says 75mn; I take it is aimed at “city hikers”.)

On the way down

  • Super Fast Trailer: 13mn
  • Very Fast Trailer: 15mn
  • Fast Trailer: 17mn
  • Trailer: 20mn
  • Fast Hiker: 27mn
  • Hiker: 35mn

I know there are trailers going there day and night (!) all year around. Feel free to post your monthly records in the comments! ;-)

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